Project Design

Design tools

A contractor must know in detail what you want to build and how you want the finished product to look. There are several ways of communicating your vision to us.

We Design the Project with Your Input

  • We’ll sit down with you and get a description of your vision for the project.
  • We’ll gather any pictures, drawings, ideas and a wish list of elements you want included in your project.
  • We’ll gather the pertinent measurements, locate the structural elements and mechanical systems that may impact the project and take pictures to facilitate the design process.
  • We draft an initial rendering and floor plan of the project for your review.
  • These plans will be revised until you are satisfied with the look, the feel and the fit of the project with the existing structure. Our job is to make it look like it’s been there all along!

Architectural Plans Provided by You

  • We can recommend architects and designers we have worked with on other projects.
  • We will take the plans your architect provides us and prepare an estimate of the cost and timeframe for the construction.
  • Design services by an architect will add to the cost of the project—typically ten to fifteen percent of the construction cost.

Do-It-Yourself Plans

  • You may decide to make drawings yourself, and specify the fixtures and finishes you want.
  • Unless you are experienced in preparing plans and specifications, there may be many construction details that you have not specified at the outset. In that case, you may have to either leave decisions to us or make them yourself as construction progresses.
  • This approach allows the maximum amount of flexibility for the project, but it may not be the most efficient in terms of time and cost.

We will be delighted to work with you on your project with whatever method or combination of methods you choose!

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