Fire Restoration

Fire scene

Whether it's your home or a commericial property, the effects of a fire can be devastating. At John P. Black, we strive to get you back in your home or place of business as soon as humanly possible. We do our best to restore your property to its original state and, indeed, we can even make it better than it was. If you've suffered the misfortune of a fire, think of John P. Black when it's time to rebuild.

We provide the following services, done by our own employees, not subcontractors.

  • We are on call to respond when the need arises to
    mitigate any damage caused by the fire, weather
    conditions and the responding authorities.
  • We will secure the structure and make it water tight.
  • We will return once a course of action has been determined by the owner and their insurance carrier.
  • We provide total rebuilding services to restore the property quickly and with as little interruption of normalcy as possible to the owners and its occupants.